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Happiness is a place.

Capital: Paro
Major Tourist Destinations: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Jaigao, Phuntsholing, Gantey, Phobjikha, Trongsa, Bumthang, Mongar, Trashigang, SamdrupjongkharHa and so on.
Area: 38,394 Sq Km
Population: Approx. 7 Lac 53 Thousand (estimation 2013)
Religion: Buddhism 74.7%, Hindu 22.6% Others 2.7%
Currency: Ngultrum (BTN) and Indian Rupee (INR)
Drives on: Left
Calling Code: +975
Literacy Rate: Approx. 60% (estimation year 2012)
Official Language: Dzongkha
Shopping: Textile, Jewelry, Wooden souvenirs, Cane & Bamboo made materials, Thangkha Painting, Bhutanese Stamps etc.
Flight: Druk Air Only.
Time Difference: It is 6 hours ahead of GMT. So if it is 12:00 noon at London then it is 6pm at Bhutan. All places of Bhutan maintain the same timing.
National Tree: Cypress
National Flower: Blue Poppy
National Bird: Raven
National Sports: Archery
National Animal: Takin
Forest Coverage: 72.5%

VISA: With the exception of Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian travelers, all visitors to Bhutan need a visa.

Entry Point:
By Air:

India: Calcutta, New Delhi, Bodghaya, Bagdogra, Mumbai, and Guwahati
Nepal: Kathmandu
Thailand: Bangkok
Bangladesh: Dhaka
Singapore: Singapore

By Road:
Samdrup Jongkhar (Eastern Bhutan)
Gelephu (Central Bhutan)
Phuntsholing (Western Bhutan)

Tourist Season:
Peak Season: Mar/Apr/May/Sept/Oct/Nov
Low Season: Dec/Jan/Feb/Jun/Jul/Aug

The only country in the world which believes in Gross National Happiness and blessed with the doctrine of Buddhism is situated between two emerging super powers of the world, India to the south and Tibet (China’s Xiang Autonomous region) in the north. Till today Bhutan is acknowledged as one of the independent nation in south East Asia and emerging tourist hub.

Our vision is to bridge individuals from different countries helping them to experience Bhutan’s rich cultural diversity, raw and natural beauty and cherish the memories of their visit to this enchanting realm so called “Bhutan”.

We are formed with a strong sense of keenness, commitment and determination to cater a smooth, a hassle free and customer responsive travel services to our valued tourists.

Our heartiest welcome to all in the land of Thunder Dragon!

Elevation: 2,320m (7,612 ft)

This is the capital of Bhutan with a population of approx 1 Lac people. Thimphu became the capital in 1961 and the town is largest in Bhutan. It is 60 km far and about 2 hours from the airport in Paro. As you enter the valley you drive on Bhutan’s first four lane expressway which takes you right into the heart of town, over tow dramatic flyover bridges.

Elevation: 2,280m (7,480 ft)

The broad Paro valley is the entry point for all visitors flying into Bhutan on the national carrier, Druk Air. It is home of Bhutan’s sole international Airport. Paro is a historic city with Bhutan’s oldest temples and the National Museum and many historical buildings. The Paro Valley is one of the kingdom’s most fertile, producing the bulk of Bhutan’s famous red rice from its terraced fields.